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SuS GmbH Schwerin

Nordring 16

19073 Wittenförden

Phone: +49 (0)385 / 6 47 04 93

Fax: +49 (0)385 / 6 47 04 98

Management: Dipl.-Ing. Harald Möws; Dipl.-Kfm. Hagen Möws



Vibration isolators and damper Type Schwerin


The first vibration isolators and damper have already been successfully on the market for over 25 years. Prefered these vibration isolators and damper are used under cutting machine tools, for example rotary, milling and grinding machines as well as boring mills inclusively NC tool machines. Because of the good vibration isolation and damping effect connected with the relatively small ways for spring suspensions they are also used under presses, shearing machines, forging hammers and machines for plastic, elastic and wood processing as well as under motors, fans, equipments and aggregates. Today there is nearly no field in economy in which vibration isolators and damper Type Schwerin aren’t or can’t be lined up. This is as well a result of our development work and combined with it of our continual assortment increase. Advantageous concerning the vibration isolators and damper Type Schwerin is:

  • the excellent load capacity with regard to the surface area, so e.g. there are permitted tensions and face pressures at the spring body up to 2.5 Mpa if the elastic material of the dampers has a hardness of 80° Shore A;

  • the relatively big stability of the machine caused by small spring ways compared with the fluctuations

  • the high coefficient of these vibration isolators and dampers on steel and concrete ( u=0,8 and u= 0,5 ) makes it possible that machines and equipment (with low disturbing and exciting forces compared with their dead weight) have secure position even without mounting the vibration isolators and dampers onto the bed

  • the high percentage of damping that is transformed to warmth; it is ca. 10 – 20% at ambient temperature, a comparatively high value

  • compared with solid bodies a relatively big body sound damping

  • the high resistance to abrasion as for the outer mechanical stresses as well as the resistance to oil and water and long life

Operating and linking up conditions


  1. The exciting and disturbing forces on the machine or equipment should be far smaller than the dead weight of the machine or equipment.

  2. The basic frame of the machine or equipment must be free of bends or torsions. The place of installation should be even plain and have a compressive strength. The minimum thickness of concrete should be 200 mm.

  3. Guarantee of a physically static and dynamic, approximately balanced arrangement of the vibration isolators and dampers under the machine and equipment symmetrically to their centre of force gravity.

  4. The selection of the vibration isolators and damper has to be made so that

  • The resonant frequency of the vibrating system machine/ vibration isolators and damper is dissimilar; if it is possible smaller than the disturbing and exciting frequency of the machine or equipment

  • The number of vibration isolators and damper is the same or only inessentially bigger than the number of anchor drilled holes in the base frame of the machine or equipment.

Even if one or several of these conditions should not be fulfilled a line-up of vibration isolators or damper is possible in almost every case. If required, please contact us.


Efficiency offers of us


Production and marketing of:

  • Vibration isolators and damper as well as vibration isolating and damping materials for vibration isolated and dampered as well as body sound isolated line-up of machines and equipment without bed;

  • Elastic machine bearings;

  • Air springs for the storage of machines and equipment;

  • Rubber-metal buffers and other rubber-metal connections;

  • Suspension springs for the elastic hanging of pipes and devices;

  • Flexible pipe connections etc.

Services for the elastic line-up of machines and equipment

  • Consultations;

  • Selection and instruction of the vibration isolators and dampers;

  • Drawing-up of installation plans:

  • Static and dynamic calculations:

  • Line-up of the machines and equipment respectively support while lining-up:

Development and production of vibration dampers for your special field of application


Conceiving, constructing and realizing of sound-absorbing equipment


Taking over tasks as for research, development and construction in mechanical engineering


Elastic line-up of machines and equipment without any bed on vibration isolators and dampers

  • a reasonable, flexible, effective and simple line-up with:

  • simple rapid assembling,

  • favourable working conditions for people and machines,

  • high dimensional accuracy of the machines

  • vibration and sound isolation regarding adjacent areas,

  • reduction of the pressure and impulsive load on the base body,

  • low downtimes during production rearrangement,

  • no use for machine beds